Let’s go ice skating!!

We went to ice skating Dec. 4th. last Thursday.

Actually, It was my first skating. Because I have a phobia of slippery ice.

But there are many kind friend and teachers like Rhawnie and Kim 🙂

They helped me to challenge!

1 hour later, I finally can do alone! I’m very thankful to my lovely friends~

This is one of my friend Moo~

She is very kind and cute~!

She is good at skating than me, so she held my hands and helped me 🙂

Thanks for every my friends~!!


Downtown in Vancouver Tour

We went to some unnoticed attractions in downtown. Here are some places that you might just pass.

1. Provincial Law Courts

First place is Provincial Law Courts. It was not far from my school(VEC). We just looked around here didn’t enter that building.

2. Robson Square

There is ice rink that you can use it for free and ice skate rental are only $4. If u wanna go ice skate, go there. Also there is UBC.( I’m not sure, is it another campus?)

3. Vancouver Art Gallery

U can use it for free, by donation on Tuesday nights from 5pm-9pm.

There are many art works, It might take much time to look all things.


4. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

It is the most expensive hotel in Vancouver as I heard. The hotel boast a magnificent and beautiful view. It’s good to you stay here, if u have much money 🙂


5. Christ Church Cathedral

In Church we wrote down our name and wishes and then, lighted the candle.


6. Park Place


7. CTV


8. Marine Building


9. Canada Place and Convention Centre

It has skyover, you can see Canada Vancouver view 4D.

Granville island

2014 11 27

I go on tour on Thursdays in the Hospitality & Tourism class in VEC.

Last Tuesday, I went to Granville island with teacher Rhawnie and my classmates.

We  went there by bus which number is 10.

Granville island 

The entrance of the Granville island welcomed us.

We took the bus, but you can go there on foot from the downtown.

Actually I went there again on last weekend on foot from my home stay in Yale Town.

It was really hard because of the awfully cold, I had to cross the bridge and go to under the bridge then finally I could arrive there!

It took about 30 minutes. It would be much better if the weather was nice.

kids market

The first place that we went is Kids Market.

There were a lot of toys, dolls and many interesting thing even to us (our average age might be late 20’s).

We seemed like we became a children and also It reminded us childhood memories.

But.. actually, the price was not so much cheap.. than my country.

Anyway, It is good to visit 🙂

public market



I think It is the best worth in visiting Public Market in Granville island.

There are lots of groceries such as fruits, cake, chocolate and so on.

It is the best place to me, because I was fascinated by all sorts of food

Actually, It is the reason that I went back there for looking around market. 😉

I’m gonna go there again soon!

cement factory



This is the last place that we visited.

What do you think about this picture in the first impression?

Maybe, U thought  ‘It is a art gallery’, didn’t u??

The answer is No~~

It is cement factory! Can u believe it??

They made it more funny, they wanted us not to watch it boring.

How fun! How awesome!

If u have any chances to visit here! Don’t throw away the chance! You have to take it!!

Come here now! 🙂